Frequently Asked Questions about Soji

Why do I need to use toilet paper with my bidet?

A bidet will get you very clean, but not perfectly clean. Soji Bidet Toilet Paper will get that last little bit off and make sure you are dry. And you will use 75-80% less TP than you used in your pre-bidet life!  

Why can’t I use regular toilet paper?

Regular toilet paper is not made for the “wetter environment” that you experience after bideting. Even the “premium” toilet papers do not have the strength to hold together well for those first few cleaning/drying wipes - this causes you to use more sheets and will leave behind little lint-like pieces as it interacts with your wet bottom. Soji will get you clean and dry, with no linting - leaving nothing behind!

Is Soji just for “#2” - can I use it when I urinate?

Absolutely! You can use Soji for wiping after urinating, blowing your nose, wiping a surface, etc. Soji is made specifically for bidet use, so it’s thicker with better strength and still soft enough to not be irritating. And because it is made to fit on your current TP dispenser, you can use it in your bathroom(s) with a bidet, but also use it for all things you are currently using TP for in there.

Even though Soji is thicker than regular TP, will it flush?

Soji is made with a proprietary technology that enables it to be so thick and strong, but yet still break apart in the flushing process to meet all regular toilet paper flushability and septic tank standards.

Is Soji good for the environment?

As you know, using a bidet is already better for the environment than using TP only, and Soji will enhance that process by both performing better (getting you cleaner, easier), AND using less sheets than you would use with regular TP - saving many trees over your annual usage!

How is Soji packaged? Can I buy it in a store?

Soji is currently available only through this website. We ship it for free right to your front door in a 10”x10”x10” case with 8 rolls. The rolls are all individually wrapped, so they stay sanitary through the shipping process, and can be stored individually at home wherever you like. The packaging is all plastic free - another positive for the environment!